Our Mission
Hands and Voices is dedicated to supporting families with children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
without a bias around communication modes or methodology. We're a parent-driven, non-profit
organization providing families with the resources, networks, and information they need to improve
communication access and educational outcomes for their children. Our outreach activities,
parent/professional collaboration, and advocacy efforts are focused on enabling
Deaf and Hard of Hearing children to reach their highest potential.
What works for your child is what makes the choice right.  
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Let Georgia Hear is a parent-led initiative working towards the goal of securing insurance
coverage for children’s hearing aids in Georgia.  Many Georgia families are unable to provide
hearing aids for their children who are deaf or hard of hearing in order to improve access to
their children’s communication.  Hearing aids can cost as much as $6,000 per pair and must
be replaced every 3-5 years.  This is the equivalent of roughly $42,000 per child who requires
hearing aids before they reach the age of 21 – a hardship for any Georgia family regardless
of household income. As of 2012, 20 other states have passed legislation requiring insurance
companies to cover hearing aids for children.  We want Georgia to be the next state to take
this important step!  What you can do:

Please Note: From time to time Georgia Hands & Voices receives information about events and other items of interest from other sponsoring
organizations that we pass on through our website that we feel might be of interest to our constituency. These events and information may not
necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Hands & Voices, and relies on our membership to deem what is of value to their own interests.
The Power of Parent Support:
Every family who has a child who is deaf or hard of hearing has a different story to tell, yet we all share
a common bond.  At Hands & Voices, we understand the power of parents coming together to support
and learn from one another.  Families who are just beginning the journey can learn from veteran
parents, the challenges as well as the joys, of raising a child who is deaf or hard of hearing.  For many
parents, their only regret in the ‘early years’, is not connecting to other parents sooner!  

The Georgia Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side
tm Program
providing unbiased, emotional support and resources to
families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing
by trained Parent Guides.

For More Information:
Georgia Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side Program

To Request a GA Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side
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: GBYS Request for Servce
Check out the latest Let Georgia Hear update! They have set up a
hearing aid fund for kids in the state who qualify.